We need to put right a wrong. Many other countries have national museums dedicated to education and it is wrong that there is not one for England and Wales. The National Education Museum Project needs support. We will be successful in establishing this museum if we demonstrate that a lot of people want it to happen. So please follow us on Facebook and share our posts, watch out for our Tweets and retweet them, like us wherever we show up on social media, spread the word.

This project is rooted in the world of education. We intend the museum to be much more than a conventional examination of the past. It will be a celebration of education, of all who work in education from early years to lifelong learning, and of all who benefit from it. It is from you that we first seek support. Here are some of the ways you can help set this project on its feet.

Development Teams

The Trustees are setting up a range of audience research, focus and advisory groups. If you have the interest, the skills and experience, please GET IN TOUCH


This is a big project, a very big project. Developing it will be a gradual process. The more donors we have the faster we can grow. Please donate online here or GET IN TOUCH

Founder Patrons

The trustees are seeking 100 Founder Patrons each donating £2500. Their support will ensure this project’s success. Find out more here and GET IN TOUCH


It’s best to get in touch. We can then talk with you about the many ways you can support the project, send you Direct Debit Details and a Gift Aid form, help you become a regular supporter or even a Founder Patron. Just tap get in touch anywhere on this page to make a contact from this site, or alternatively email Trustee and Secretary, Jean Roberts, at

But if you prefer to give your support online you can do so through the PayPal Giving Fund, or by donating with your online purchases using Easy Fund Raising. Here are the links.

In fond memory of Fred Jarvis CBE

Fred Jarvis CBE was one of the most respected figures in education in England and Wales, indeed throughout Europe. He was an enthusiastic supporter of the Museum project. We were delighted when, in 2018, Fred agreed to become an Honorary Patron.

Fred died in June 2020 at the age of 95. Though frail and poorly sighted, Fred remained an active campaigner for education to his final days always looking forward towards positive change and development. He was a hero to many. It has been recommended to us that we should invite donations to the NEM project in memory of Fred. We do so with enthusiasm and great respect. Please mark donations “In Memory of Fred Jarvis CBE” and let us know if you are happy to be identified. We’ll list these donations on this website.

The National Education Museum

Let’s build it together