Founder Patrons

The National Education Museum’s Founder Patron scheme enables 100 donors to play a crucial role in the development of this project and be part of its history.

We have a special scheme aimed at raising £250,000 in funds. We’re seeking 100 Founder Patrons who donate at least £2500 to help to get this project up and running. Founder Patrons -individuals, families, memorial donors or non-profit organisations – will be given a special place in the Museum’s own founding history. Unless they choose to remain anonymous, Founder Patrons will be honoured publicly and prominently displayed in the building as the people or organisations who enabled the Museum to happen.

Your donation or legacy of £2500 will go towards the acquisition of the museum’s first premises in the museum city of Portsmouth, to equip the offices, to engage a Director and staff and to begin setting up our collection supplied initially from the archives of the National Union of Teachers and the Association of Teachers and Lecturers released in the amalgamation of these two organisations in 2017. We will then be working with other established education based museums to promote and seek to share their education collections, ultimately with a national identity under a shared umbrella.

We’re enthusiastic to talk about this scheme if you are interested in becoming a Founder Patron. So please get in touch so that we can set things up for you and make the Gift Aid arrangements. We can also give guidance about legacies in wills which then be registered with us. You can email us at or go to the Contact page to send a message and we’ll get back in touch with you.